Run No: 1803
Date: 6th Septemb er 2019
Site Rasah Jaya
Hare: Alistair

Whenever you knew the run site was in Seremban, everybody knew the Hare was more probably
was Alistair. Some may ask, who was Alistair??? Well, for your information, you will hardly see this
member turn up on every Friday, the most I have seen for the last 3 years was he only turn up no
more than 5 times per year. For those who have never met Alistair before, no need for any
introduction. If you ever seen a member that playing guitar, this is Alistair.

Having done the above introduction, it was a long weekend, and everyone was worrying the traffic
jam of going to Seremban, finally only 20+ members (include 3 guests) turn up. Thanks for Kim Sui
that assist to make a few calls to convince few to came.

I arrived at the run site around 5.25pm. Surprised to see least number turn up. Penny was having
an eating party together with the gangs. Taking Dugu Langsat and the most popular Seremban siew
pao. Thanks to Ah Hoi contributing the siew pao.

Due to least number turn up, run start 2 minute earlier, fortunately, it was not a tough run like the
previous few weeks, nice and easy with the “ A” cup hill.

Distant recorded was about 9km. The first runner out were ah Chai and Mosquito at 7.25pm. Penny was the top lady out later. Hi Low was happy that he finally made the top 10 runners out.

Circle started as usual. Our sub bomoh is William Koh . He managed to charge a few members but
the most interesting was Honey Wong. Someone suggested a song name “Alouette”. It was the
most awesome song I ever heard, and Honey Wong was really enjoying all the moment when Alistair
making fun..
Finally On on was on site, Alistair treated us the Badly American Junk Food “KFC”, Having said that,
everyone was hungry and just need some food to fill up. On cash decided to treat everyone a free
flow on the night due to many absent. Thanks to those who no show up.

Circle ended quote early, everyone was going back early because some have to turn up early morning for Termeloh trip. Left over William Koh, Michael Tan, myself and Hare chit chatting till around 11pm before the party over.

Scribe by On Cash.