Run No: 1682
Date: 12th May 2017
Runsite: Lagong
Hare: Liew Yon Hee (virgin)
Co-hare: Ah Keong, Mosquito, On Cash –Steve & Nick

Nowaday getting to Lagong runsite from Bricksfield is no more a luxury getting there, where normal
traffic will only takes 15 minutes and your truly have to endure the bloody traffic to get there in 50 minutes.
Left early at 4.45 and arrive runsite at 5.35 and it’s still early to mingle with the early crowd with Irene
showing off her newly bargain new shoe and honker Kim Sui trying to portraying his as new In comparison.

At 2 minutes to 6 Ah Hoi was entice to start to run and off he when to the usual left path where it turn out to
be an illegal fault trails, much arguments was said with Paul Lai stating that paper were
taken up by the local boys. The usual unconvinced front runner continue with the run almost to the top of
the pylon and alas still no continuing paper and have to turn back to runsite, by now the secretive On Sec.
who had earlier scale up the right uphill path maybe for his usual sojourn found paper and kept mum about
it and confining it to his two henchman in Kim Sui and Honey Wong until the fault’s trail was call. After
turning around we found that threesome were way way up in the hill on the right path, then to the jungle
where the first check was set along the abandon logging trails. This back check only hold up a few front
runner and soon we were all tracking on the terraces of the mountain trails where the shout of thorn and
the mourning of whatever words utter that you can think of. This tracking of up and down continue for a
good 1.15 hours until we hit the Orang Asli kampung for good 1 kilos home run.

Frops was Weng Hoong In 1hr 22 minutes and the run was rated a good run.

At 8.30pm GM start the circle by asking Ah Mun to be volunteer Butler and Sheena to be the camera
woman and warn that talker will be severely punish to sit on ice.

Next Choo was ask to elaborate on his run and direction where he state that it will be a runner’s run
without all the jungle bashing and thorns around everywhere.

Next was Kau Kau in thanking DH3 hashers for their support with 5 tables book for the coming Mother Hash Dinner and Dance on 29th July 2017 which is also Agung’s birthday. He also state that only Beers and Wine will be serve from 6pm to 11.30pm

This week Bomoh Penny decide to appoint Paul Lai to be her replacement and offer RM40.00 for anybody
who can guest the right answer of which there was no correct answer at all. This is a bad precedent and
will GM in future please stop such practice which should not be condone.

Paul haul up Ah keong the master mind in giving the wrong direction to runsite by cutting and paste the
direction and the Hare Ah hee for setting the first illegal fault trail without check. Both was given the La La

GM was blame for today’s smaller than normal crowd as he fail to advertise the No T shirt, No abalone
and No Soon Hock fish where he was given the La La Song as well.

Paul recall back to Hussein’s run at Kemesha where committee member Rambutan was not wearing
DH3 T shirt and was never put on ice. Both Rambutan and GM was ice again and was given the Why
Why song.

When GM open the floor to other charger, your truly gets Irene on the box for wearing shoe and ON Sec.
Ah Soon for concealing the actual opening trail to only his two henchman. Since Irene is a lady your truly
decide to give the ON Down from her shoe to her husband Seng Shu Mun.

There being no more charges GM call the circle to the end with the hare announcing that the ON ON wiil
be at Soon Kit Restaurant down the road.

A Good spread was laid on for a FOC ON ON and the hare was given A Terima Kaseh song and we will
see again the next time.