Scribe Report
Date: 24th Aug 2018
Venue: Kota Damansara Sek 10
Hare: Rambutan
Co-hares: Ah Hoi, Michael Chong, Shuen Kam, Sheila, Liam Liam, JC Tan, William Sin
Guests: one ex member
FROP: Baby Lai (7:20pm)

Well it was 7thmonth 14thday….right on the dot for hungry ghost festival…everyone was wary. And mastermind was Ah Hoi….everyone remembered the last time he set here for Rambutan here and it was a huge disaster. In fact Ah Hoi was warned last week about it.

Anyway I noticed that the crowd was a little lesser….maybe some really scared of ghost? But we knew it won’t be easy and we were kind of expected it. The weather was so warm thesedays and we didn’t expect any rain. For the first half of the trail we hiked through some rough trail and we scaled 4 little hills. That made most of us tired and cursing the hare and co-hares for selecting such trails. It was not easy because there were no proper walking trail and most of the time on hill side slopes.

Then came an uphill straight up 190m and finally we exited the jungle onto the usual hiking trail. By that time it was already dark and I tried to chase Kam Sui. It was quite scary hiking alone although I knew Hi-Low, Nick, Dr. Alex and Sulaiman were behind. Finally I caught with BH Tan and I came out at 7:50pm to my relief. Out safely on the 14thday of 7thmonth!! The run was 7.0km with ascent of 385m. Everyone was relief that Ah Hoi didn’t repeat what he usually does…..It was a good run.

The hare organized on on onsite so there was no hurry for us to have circle. Ah Soon was the subcontracted bomoh and he had a few charges followed by Paul Lai.

We were worried because when the circle started there was still one guest (ex-member) who got lost and rang up Paul Lai. Good thing he was able to come out with the help of a group of young hikers.

The next day I saw on facebook that there was a warning issued for KDCF that a king cobra was spotted inside and advised hikers not to patronize the place. Good thing none of us encountered the snake the night before!!

Nowadays it is not easy bringing new guest to DH3. Like myself, I had to recce for his run, write the scribe, set the run and later become his bomoh. Maybe I should also organize the on on to make it a complete package….

Scribe by William Koh on behalf of Manivelan