Date: 10 May 2019
Venue: Kemensah
Hare: Tau Fu
Co-hares: Paul Lai, Steve Ng

It was a very good evening where the traffic from Kepong to Kemensah was very good,
hence I arrived at run site early. When I arrived, I saw a lot of strange faces, I thought I was
in the wrong run site. I was then told that they were here to promote their celebration run.

The run was started sharp at six and leaded by Hoong chai, when I arrived at the first check
the front runner have already break the check going up to the hill, but after a short while
FALSE TRAIL was shouted loudly everyone came back down to continue check.

Thomas, ah chai and I went into a trail which going up the hill as well which just right beside the false
trail, after more than 300m there wasn't any paper on the trail but we decided to go further
more because we haven't heard anyone shout On On, after that we finally hit the paper but
the paper was on both direction so we thought that the right trail was going up hill then we
decided to go up, but after a while the paper stop, but there wasn't any option of trail for us tochoose so we go on, and we again saw the paper again and we met Young Yap who isn't
follow paper as well then we realized that we are on the home trail, so we just follow the

When we arrive at a open space, we saw a bunch of people was checking on the other
side of the hill, we waited them to come over then follow them back to the run site. Ah
Keong and Monkey were the first runners came out on 7:13pm. The run consists of 4 checks
with 2 false trails in total.

Denso was asked to be bomoh of the day because Ramesh wasn't around. First of all, ah bee
was asked to on ice because when Mont Kiara Hash promoting their 19 th anniversary run, and
there is a ball breaker run, ah bee wasn't a Damansara hash member but he voiced up
represent us that we don't have balls to join.

After that, Ken Tan as a Damansara Hash member, he wore MK hash shirt and he claimed that he is representing MK today to promote the celebration run, but it was Friday and as a member should wear Damansara Hash T-shirt.

Mosquito was also punished to sit on ice because he asked people to keep going forward even
after the false trail, as a experienced hasher when there is false trail we should turn back and
check again.

The hare is very generous and kind offered to have lucky draw. I was one of the lucky who
get a box of chocolate and beer, followed by JC Tan, Henry Lim, ET, Ah Seon unfortunately
he wasn't around. Ah Hoi and Viagra get the big prize a bottle of whiskey,

Thanks to the hare for the good run, food and lucky draw.

Scribe by
By Weng Hong