Hare: Sheun Kam

Run site : Ijok

Co hares: hi low,William Sin & Ah Mun

Frop : Baby Lai 7.05pm

It was a bright sunny Friday when I arrived at the Ijok run site. A good happy day for hashing. The run started at 6pm sharp by Vivian leaded by a bunch of girls power of Dh3. The flowers of Dh3 ran along the tar road before ascending to the highest point of the run.We ran around the palm oil plantation for 9km and I came out around 7.20pm. Durian, cakes and watermelon were served after the run.

Gm called the circle early at 8.15pm. Good song for hares for good run. Birthday boy William was called to the box and birthday song was sung. I was called to announce my run site. Baby Lai was called as new member and twinkle little star was sung to the baby.

On cash was very money face, always asking fund for tabung Dh3. Good job Steve.

Ah soon was the bomoh of the night.
1 st victim was Josephine by calling birthday boy William Johnson.
2nd victim was hare by buying us beggar chicken which bring bad luck to all the gamblers of Dh3.
3rd victim was Sheila and baby Lai for being too hard working.
Terry took over the bomoh and charged the hare and hi low for setting the run using pickup car, throwing paper from the car.
The circle end at 840pm.

On on was at New beggar’s Delicious restaurant where famous beggar chickens were served with free flow of beer.

Thank you hare for the good run, good food and good beers.

Scribe by Bryan Ng