Date: 16th Nov.2018
Run No: 1761
Rub site: UIAM Gombak
Hare: Penny Yap
Co-hare: Kim Sui, Stephanie, Weng Hong, Miss Wong, Alex Ma, Wong Yue Fai

Today expect the approach to the runsite to be very rough and shaky and was surprise to see it being very well pace and getting to runsite was a breeze for me but was told that it was not to be with Yeo Ah Ba, who’s car was bod–down by the heavy weight of Gideon and have to park it some miles away. By Now the crowd was well represented with a couple of old and new guests present.

At 6 Ah Hee was chosen to lead the pack into the sand mining pit for a back check quickly broken by the known twin of Ah Keat and Mosquito who was told that they were part of the recce gang some weeks ago. The call was so vain that your truly can hardly hear from a distance and have to do catch up coming back from aforward trail. Off into the direction of the transmission tower and reservoir road we manage to catch up with the front runners,abeith some short cutting, coming out of 2ndcheck and hit the fault trails going forward.

This check was the mother of all checks which took the hasher sometime to break with yours truly and Paul Lai having have to check way pass the approach road ending almost near the back entrance of UIAM to no valid. After 45 minutes of checking decide to back track and found the paper trail was well connected across the road leading into the forest and manage to catch up with the back marker in Uncle Chong, Sam and High Low and enquire about Paul and was told that they didn’t see him which I thought that he had already turn back earlier on.Catching up time is now the way to go and after a good 30 minutes of climbing and slipping up and down the forest floor, manage to catch up with Durian Chew, Josephine, Ah Mun, Denso, Eric Sengand Vivian and for a good 50 minute of running and walking on the connected home trail in darkness and was out at 8.05pm. At the runsite every Hashers was given a reflective rain/wind breaker jacket was told that FROP was Viagra and Ah Hee at 7.48 and the Last runner in was Sam, High Low and Uncle Chong at 9.07pm.

At the Circle, GM get on Weng Hong to change his coutesy address for all the elder old ass ladies to be call Beauty or siste rand not aunties whicht hey hate it so much for painting them for being too old. Follow by the Hare and her co-hares was given a good song for setting a slightly long run earning Penny sitting on ice ritual for exceeding the 7.45threshold .

Then On Cash JC call on the first time guest Ling from Muar and was given a good welcoming song.
Time for Bomohship and as usual the eveready Paul was entice by last week HARE Ah Bun to act
and in no time he commented on last week run day’s weather was good where he allege that 7 chicken was slaughter to pray to the weather God and ask penny whether she had done the same ritual. There being no answer from Penny, Paul haul up Mosquito for Whatapping the wrong location and causes some hasher to overshot the road entrance to Villa Bestari runsiteand was given a la la song.

Mosquito was again haul up together with Ah Keat and ice for advising Josephine to race to the first check connecting trail base on both of their knowledge of their earlier recce with the Hare. Their denial was shot down and was also given the same song. Subsequently Choo was force to sit on ice for been wrongly charge on some non-performing act where Bomoh insist that he is always right on whether you like it or not. Last week hare Ah Bun wasgiven the Ice again for not sitting on ice lastweek where he was suppose to sit, given that the first runner came out at 7.32pm earning the mandatory sitting of ice ritual.

When GM open the charge to the floor, Hussein came in to charge Paul Lai for calling him a sub-con last week, instead where he correct him by saying that was never one but a main con and told him not to insult his status.Paul was ice and was given the same la la song.

Next to take the box for the last charge was Taufu Chong who speak part English/Hakka for some charges where sorry to say can’t remember lah.

On On was at the usual Sin Kee reataurant in Taman Gombak very well attend by 6 tables of hashers
giving our hare her happiest moment of her years where we were gave us a free do.

Thanks Penny for the well done run and the wind breaker jacket and please do it again for free loader like me and will see you again on your next run.
Ribuan Terima Kaseh