Date: 14thApril 2017
Location: Kemensah
Hare: Hussain
Co-hares: Mike Tan, Paul Lai
Guest: Nakamura’s friends
FROP: Ah Keong at 7:38pm

Well, I am relatively familiar with Kemensah because already set run there 3 times. But I
heard Hussain was planning to use past week Mother Hash trail and everyone thought it was
going to be tough.

Ah Hoi started the run at 5:59pm and we entered the trail from the usual entry point.
However I soon realised that the first 30% of the trail is quite different as we walked past
some durian farm. Hi Low and I concurred that these were our home trail for our previous
runs. We were wondering where the trail going to lead us. Suddenly it came across my mind
that it looked like we were going in reverse loop towards the dam and going in a big circle
back to our in trail. When we almost reached the dam area, I was already very tired and it
was getting dark. Thank god that these Kemensah trail always follow relatively nice and wide
dirt road and not inside thick jungle. I knew exactly how to walk back to runsite since it was
trail I used to set just in reverse order.

When I almost reached the in trail I was relief because another 10 minutes I would be out. To
my surprise, I saw few papers pointing to the right going up that steep hill. And I knew that if I
walk a few step ahead it’s a short cut going home. I sat at the junction and waited for Hi-Low
and Ayam man. We were cursing that smart fellow who set the run and still asked us to climb
this hill at the late stage of our hike. My body asked me to short cut but my mind said let’s
complete the trail as set by the hare.

I came out after 2hr:30min and my watch showed 10.4km. It was a gruelling hike with no
time left for me to shower and start the circle.

Anyway we started the circle at 8:45pm because most of hashers were still having their
showers. Nakamura’s invited 2 Japanese friend who brought some sushi for us to try. They
are from Osaka and planning to start supply sushi to our supermarkets.

Terry was the bomoh with one charge followed by several charges from myself, Paul Lai and
Ah Soon.

We adjourned to Sin Kee restaurant at Sri Gombak. The hare was so generous with the
menu and everyone enjoyed the food and drinks.

In the end, we had a total body work out, a fun circle and a very nice dinner with our DH3
family. Our favourite usual past time on a Friday evening.

For the scribe on behalf of Michael Chong,