Date: 11 Jan 2019
Location: UIAM Gombak
Hare: Honey Wong
Co-hare: Kam Sui, Penny, Keong, StevenNg, Ah Hoi, Vivian, Pei Tan, Nick, Danny, Alex Ma
FROP: Mosquito 7:41pm
It was a long hot day and i arrived at the runsite early. I had missed the 2 previous runs at this site and i had little recollection on the trails. Anyway i was expecting a tough run from mastermind Kam Sui but the hare told me that it’ll be reasonable.Right after the run started for about 100m, there was the 1st check. Everyone was complaining why the check was so early and we spent quite a long time to search. After about 10mins someone shouted on on and we carried on. Walkingon the bare road trail under baking sun was quite a challenge.We arrived at the 2nd check and again we spent a long time. At one point we saw paper leading on 2 directions but we managed to guess the correct trail.There were lots of hills to climb andi counted total 6 hills. My watch showed total 9.1km which was a lot longer than the indicative 7.5km mentioned by the hare earlier. We complained about the home trail where we had to enter jungle again and had to climb another hill. It was really tiring.In the end we found out that it was Ah Hoi whom added the last portion to make it longer. No wonder the FROP came out at 7:41pm.Anyway the last few hashers, Sam, Man, Elaine & GM came out about 8:30pm to everyone relief.We started the circle at 8:45pmand GM were rushing the agenda before restaurant close. The number of cohares broken our record with 12 numbersWhile Paul Lai was charging someone, the Police Patrol car came to investigate the runsite. We quickly wrap up at about 9:10pm to on on at SriGombak.

It was a nice workout. The trail was mostly on dirt road around durian plantation and jungle trails.Scribe on behalf of Sam