Scribe for Run Number : 1698
Date: 1st September 2017
Location: Chamang Waterfall Bentong
Hare: ET

It is 3.00 pm now. I quickly rush to the runsite as it is far away from my home. The weather is
bad and rains heavily during my road trip. When I reach Chamang runsite around 4.30 pm, I
found that no one is at the runsite. I guess all of them are already running in the jungle.

I feel lucky as the rain here is already stop. The weather is a bit cool which is good for this
running session. The starting is quite easy but the great challenge is nested within the rubber
tree land. I start to get sweat and exhausted as the hill climbing is like a never-ending story. I
meet four guests, Sheum Kam and our big guy Hi-Low during the journey to the hill top. Finally,
I reach the top of this sloppy hill which is about 500 meters height. I guess most of our hashers
stamina are drained at this moment.

I rest for a while and start searching for the waterfall but I couldn’t find the waterfall. Soon, the
rain starts again. This is really another ‘Water-Fall’ from the sky. However, this drizzling rain
does not stop my challenging trial. I run nonstop downhill and pass some plank bridges. I am
doubt with the small drain slope along the trail and was told that we are also running on a
typical bicycle track.

I meet William GM, Ah Soon and Kam Sui gang after finish the bicycle trail. I can hear the sound
of the waterfall along the way which I think the waterfall is just beside us. We pass a small
turbine room which Kam Sui said this generator can gain electric as well as money around-theclock.
I wish our DH3 can build another one too as Ah Soon always worry about our hash
financial crisis.

Finally, I reach the down hill and guest what, the Chamang Waterfall entrance is at my righthand
side. I start a long road journey which is about 4 km. I have pass through the Kechara
Forest Retreat which comprise a wide land area. The total trekking is about 12.8 km but some
suggest the run could be longer as today run starts earlier than before. There is an incident
which comprise a ‘Triple Five’ – 5 new guests, 5 hare with coheres and 5 checks.

We had a good dinner at a nearby restaurant and everyone drinks like there is no tomorrow
(except me). What another great day!

Alex Nyiam