Date: 10th November 2017
Venue: Sri Bintang
Hare: Danny
Co-hares: Steven Ng, Paul Lai, Eric Seng
Guests: n/a
FROP: Ah Keong (7:45pm)

It has been raining non-stop lately and I expected it to be wet. I arrived rather late and parked far away from the usual spot. Also because there was another chapter running at same place.

Earlier I received a phone call from permanent co-hare Steven asking me to inform Ah Bun not to complete the run because the trail was very slippery. He told it was approximately 7km long.
Anyway I was guessing Danny will do the usual and continued to Sg Penchala and hometrail follow the road towards Desa Parkcity.

It started to rain heavily before the start of run but everyone joined the start as usual. We climbed the usual hill and turned towards the left reaching the condo construction site. The paper trail brought us into the site and suddenly we saw site entrance gate locked. All of us couldn’t get through. We had no choice but back tracked and tried to find an alternate route. Luckily we managed to join the paper trail on the road toward Segambut Dalam. Not long after we turn right back towards Sri Bintang hill passing the high tension pylon. From then on we hiked through some very tough virgin trail which were muddy and slippery. All of us was not expecting such trail at Sri Bintang. Ngiam Ngiam said for the many years he hiked here, that was the first time for him!!

I lost track of my sense of direction, just followed the crowd in front enduring the slippery slopes. Kim Sui dropped his horn and we couldn’t find it. It got dark rather quick and most of us took out our torchlight. The combination of rain, mud and the trail made it extra challenging for all of us.

I took a big sigh of relief when finally we emerged underneath the highway bridge and I knew soon we would be heading towards the road near DesaParkCity.
When I reached the runsite, my watch clocked 9km and it took me 2:30mins. I was exhausted.
I quickly had my shower and insisted that we had our circle despite the light drizzle.

After on down the hare and co-hare, I invited Playboy Choo up to give the group some update about the Kana’s case from MH3.
Last Monday he got lost and was found after 2 days inside Lagong. The message was – “respect the spirits when you are inside jungle”.

Soon after, Sheena the bomoh had 3 charges, followed by Ah Long, myself and Hussain. We wrapped up the circle at about 9:15pm. The on on was held at nearby restaurant. Thanks to Danny for arranging such a nice dinner and drinks for all of us.

Despite the weather and slippery conditions, we had a very good run and nice dinner. It was a wonderful evening !
I am really looking forward to next Friday’s run at Rawang….set by Kim Sui and company. Most likely it will be wet again.

Scribe by William Koh on behalf of Kim Sui