Run No:1778
Date: 15thMarch 2019
Site:Templer Park
Hare:Hong Chai
Co-hares: Steve, Kam Sui, Penny, Honey, Pei Tan, Alex Ma, Nick, Ah Keong & Julia
FROP:Ah Keat@ 7.34pm
Run Distance: 5.7km
Having a run site within running distance from your home is a dream to many hashers. You can start a recce from your door steps and the run day you can even run home to take a bath andthen join the circle. And if you are horny after the bath, well… that shouldn’t be any problem right?
Now I am not sure if Hong Chaidid any of the above, then again his secrets will remain as secrets with the troopof monkeys that were roaming freelyon the road whenI was driving towards the car park. Unless of course those furry primates decided to talk.Our parking is inside a temple’s compound, next to the Park’s public car park. The last time we ran herewhich was some years back, the then hare Bryan Nghad parked in that public car park.
After parking inside the compound, I caught sight of Fatty Dragon(a guest)offering a prayer with incense sticks at the temple –perhaps he could claimed some credits for a dry eveningtoo. In hindsight, it would havebeen a disastrous (not to mention dangerous) if rain had felled.
Leading the pack to start the run (for only the 2ndtime in thepenultimate run for thissitting committee), I had the pleasure of seeing the monkeys again whom I sawfrom my car on my way in earlier. The papers trail took me to near the entrance to this park before heading up the steep slope on the right.
This uphill climb was to say the least, brutal. If I were to bend my body forward a bit during the climb, I think I could have kissedthe slopes. After what seemed like eternity, I finally got a respite. No, I had not reach the check but the paper trail detoured to my left and Icontinued on gentler slope on the side of the hill.
Ah Chai, the only person behind me at that time was practically breathing down my neck. With paper trail heading down hill, I gladly stood aside and allowed him to pass. And he didwith the grace of a hunting catwhileI took a breather. Moments later he back tracked with a clutch of papers in his right hand. He had
reached the 1stcheck! And about time too. I took a glance at my watch and it registered a distance of 1.38km and it was 6.22pm. That was onesadistic ‘wet’dream of a check! Brutally long and exhausting.
The next runner to arrive, came in a group with Choo Yon Kitin front and just in time when Ah Chaigave the On call. The call came from uphill on our left. More runners arrived including Weng Hong, the only name on our member list who is still not eligible to cast his vote in a general election. I stood aside to let him passed through.
It was just my luck when I arrived at the junction when I saw Ah Keat(I think) walking up towards me. He had reached the 2ndcheck, which was placed downhill. There was a track on my right and it led uphill. I was the first to follow that track to check. A short climb later and I found the first piece of paper behind a big tree, I held back my call and continued forward. I only gave the On Call when I saw the second piece of paper. I was understandably pleased with myself, as I really can’t recall when I hadbrokena checkthe last time!
The 3rdcheck which was laid after crossing a stream had again send the FROPS to the opposite direction. It was broken by Paul Lai. I arrived just in time to hear the On call and followed the trail and we finally a decent run on some flat ground.
The 4th and final check was placed in the bamboo area and just like the 3rdcheck it had also sent the runners to the opposite direction. Ah Keatbroke this check. And from a short distance away, I could hear someone shouting, “Sau Gong Le Wei” (a Cantonese colloquialism, in this context it means to finish off the run). That calltriggered some happy thoughts in me and I quickly checked my GPS and it showed a distance of 1.2km. And we were heading the right direction
While we were eagerly anticipating a short run home, the hare had other ideas. The paper trail took a sharp left turn, I missed this turn but realized it almost immediately. Alexwho was behind pointed to me the paper trail when I looked back. This was the start of the mother of all climb up to the waterfall on top.
Alexhad meanwhile disappeared from my sight. But guessed who I caught up with? It was Taufu! Seeing him struggling with the climb one can’t but felt sorry for him. He was like Paul Laisaid prostrating his body as if to pray for divine help to get to the top of the hill.
I managed reached waterfall at the top and it was still bright enough for me to appreciate the panoramic view and its lurking danger. As I held on the rope that was tied on both ends of the waterfall and taking one careful step at a time on
the slippery rocks, a chill did ran across my spine as I saw how deep the bottom of the fall was. And if it had rained, the crossing would had been too dangerous. Well, thank you Fatty Dragonfor your prayers before the run.
It was already dark when I was on the concrete steps and it was here that Taufuzipped past me with a torchlight in hand. Behind him was Ayammanand further back,Bryan Ng.
I reached the beerwagon at 8pm, just behind Bryan. The first runner was Ah Keatat 7.34pm.The last runners to check in, just before circle starts were PandaHuiand Vivian.
Circle was called at 8.45pm with the hare, Hong Chaiand his team of assistants were given an On Down. However as the 1strunner came back after one and half hour, the hare had to sit on ice.
Next Paul Laiwas called on box and given a birthday ‘cake’ and birthday song. The birthday boy was heard playfully complaining about the ‘cake’ but anyway he took a bite.
Ah Keong, the JM was called up and given an ultimatum to break his silence (on the box of course) or to sit on the ice. And like the proverbial fairy tale virgin who chose to give up her life than to give up her dignity, the JM chose the ice. (Sigh!) More work must be done to pry his golden lips apart.
The Assistant On Seccame to the box and immediately rescue the fairy tale victim, giving him a soundadvice that the next time when you were asked to talk you just say something lah… Good work, Chai. After telling the crowd the site for next Friday’s run which will be at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, he got off the box.
Regular co hares (both as a volunteer oraninvitee), Stevethen got on the boxto introduce the1sttime guests and this evening we had three females; Fen Fen, Poh Poh and Yuki. Some routine flirts and teases from some randy males including Thomas Chin, the three lasswere given the ‘Rasa Sayang’, hash version. When the first line were sung, I caught the sight of Sheenastaringat Terrywho was seated by her with those ‘lovey-dovey’look(reads ‘come and get me look’).
With no other matters, it was Bomoh’s time and this week that role was supposed to be taken by Yeo Ah Yong. However he had no charges. The GMthen asked for volunteer to take over. Paul Laivolunteered.
His first charge fell on Yeo. The policeman had last week signaledto the latter to appoint him as the Bomoh for this week that was ifhe had not already appointed someone else. The septuagenarian failed to take the hint and this must had irked the policeman. Yeo was iced.
Next on the icewas the hare, Hong Chai. He was nailed for thatdangerous water fall crossing trail. Thomaswas also iced for not showing up for co hare duties. Despite plucking a ‘cake’ out of thin air, Sheilawas put on ice. And the sinners list extended to the hare, Hong Chaiagain. This time it was for not joining the group to sing the birthday song to the Bomoh.
Talkative Nickdid not escaped Paul’s radar as he was also yanked out and given the ice seat.
As there was still one more beer left, the GMthen called up Thomas Chinto let him know that his name was struck off the long winded charge list. His place is now taken by Taufu.
The poor hare, Hong Chaiwith his under pant still wet and dripping, then invited the crowd to his home (a short drive away) for On2.
The menu consisted of braised pork trotters, sliced fish, taufu and vegetables. There was also curry mutton served by Maniam, while his buddy Su Laiwas helping in beverage corner, filling glasses of beers, whisky and brandy.
JM Keongthen led the pack to give the hare a Terima Kasihsong.
Thank you Hong Chaifor the good run and a wonderful evening of food and drinks.
Steven Lai