Date: 06 - Mar - 2020
Run No: 1829
Hare: Low Min Chee
Co-hares: ET, Elina, Michael Chong, Chris Ng

A wet and slippery run. That was the summary of last week's run. Reached run site at 5.30 pm to avoid the heavy traffic but was greeted by a heavy down pour. Still a good many hashers turned up for the run, that was true hashing spirit. Be it heavy rain, tornadoes, landslides, earth quakes, coroner virus outbreaks ... the show must go on, so to speak.

Run started 6 pm sharp led by Hoong Chai. It was a well set run thanks to the experience of our experienced veteran hashers the likes of Low Min Chee, ET and Chris. Total run distance about 7 km with fine checks. Terrain was good with some climbing and river crossing.

First runner out was Wong Fei Hoong at 7.15 pm with his secretly trained Kung Fu style running, followed vlog Ah Keong and myself, shortly after Ah Keat and Hoong Chai, Kau Kau and Rambutan, Taufu and Mosquito ..... the rest can't remember liao. Nowadays hashers like to come out two by two, Haha.

Circle started by GM 8.30 pm. Some members from Petaling Hash announced they will be having a hash challenge run on the 4th of July. Categories include 25 km and 45 km run. Wow, that is tougher than a ball breaker run. Anyone interested?

Bomoh was last week's hare Durian Chew. First on ice was the hare for not putting up proper signage.
Next was Ah Hoy for not following paper trails and run on his own resulting in him being the last runner out. Ah Shen was put on ice for not wearing a shirt at all.

Lastly, the hare thanked Penny and Kam Sui for sponsoring some Yong Tau Foo for the run and also Paul Lai for sponsoring some Guinness Stout beers.

On on was on site with roast duck, curry fish and veggies, tau fu pok and spicy pork belly soup. Nice !

Thank you here for an enjoyable evening with good run and free on on and free flow of beers. Hope our veteran hashers will have many more years of hashing with us. On on !

Scribe by
Viagra on behalf of Mosquito.