Weather was hot, real hot and dry. It is so kind of the Hare – Ramesh to pick Gasing Hill as our run site. We parked our cars on top of the hill. It was very breezy with a nice scenic view over-looking Petaling Jaya.

At 6 pm sharp, the horn was sounded. All hashers headed towards the track. Hong Chai took the lead. It’s all the way, up and down the hill. Being the lead runner, he was the first to break the first check. It was too easy for him.
Second check was a bit difficult because it was a back check and was broken by Ah Kit. Likewise, the third check, was also a back check, which was broken by Ah Chai.

The trail was all the way uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill….…….. The fourth, fifth and sixth checks were all easily broken by Ah Kit and Ah Chai. These two fantastic front runners broke all the checks, only except the first check by Hong Chai. The run site was well known to all DH3 Hashers. What we had in mind was only Gasing Hill. When we went into the trail, it was uphill and downhill. By the end of the day, we found out that the Hare took us over 8 hills. OMG!! But all the hills were interconnected to become one great Mother Hill – The Gasing Hill.

It was a great run. All hashers were happy. It was so cooling running up and down the hills. A total of only 7.2 km.
During Bomoh time, the Hare was put on ice because 1) he didn’t even know the number of his own run which was No. 1691 and 2) he didn’t do any recce at all.

Second to be on the ice was Playboy Choo and Sheila. They couldn’t wait for the time to start the run. They went in the trail well before 6 pm.

Couldn’t think of any charges by the Bomoh because I had one too many beers.

On On was at New PJ Restaurant. Wonderful dinner. Thanks to the Hare for the free On On and a nice T-shirt.

Scribe by Yeo Ah Bah