Date: 12th July 2019
Venue: Rawang Tesco
Hare: Shun Mun
Co-hares: Steven Ng, Jent, Michael Chong, Shuen Kam, Josephine, Eric Seng, Irene
Guests: Mandy, Dave
FROP: Viagra (7:10pm)
Rawang Tesco….the first thing that came across my mind was the steep dirt high tension road….left and right,
one free to choose.
Anyway I arrived a little early and stopped at a mamak shop for my usual afternoon tea break. Not long after, I
received whatsapp request to guide guest to run site. All because the earliar waze location didn’t work. What
they didn’t know was that I was the designated bomoh and it would additional charges for me.
I reached the runsite site about 5:40pm…just enough time for me to change and took some
photos. These days nobody bother to take photos for the newsletter. Some took photos but they were never seen forever by anyone??

The run started as usual and again we were faced with the dilemma of the 1st check. Left of right, both with
steep hill climb all the way. We cant afford to get it wrong. Thank god the On On signal came not too long after
on the right. It was a grueling climb all the way 300m to the peak. We were exhausted. From there we turn right
and started the descend, which was not any easie r as compared to the climb because the ground was slippery and
uneven….we had to watch where we step our foot.

Not long after we arrived at a fruit orchard with tar road.
That was when I realized there should not be anymore jungle trail or uphill climb. We cut across the Latar
highway tunnel and I realized we were quite close to the parking spot. I reached the runsite at 7:40pm and total
distance was 6.3km. The total ascend was 329m but it felt much more than that. Overall it was a fantastic run.

I quickly shower and did some preparation to be bomoh for the day. Not easy to gather some nice charges. I had
about 5 charges and passed on to Thomas with another charges. By that time it was already 9:10pm and there
were no beer left for on down. So we had to cut it short. Ah Mun announced that the on on was at nearby Fook
Sheng restaurant. We were blessed with nice weather all evening.

It was a good workout. Familiar faces, familiar runsite and familiar eating place. Bottom line is that we have fun
and improve o ur physical and mental health.

I have come to learn that in hash one just have to stay focus on what you want to achieve. Try not to please
everyone because it is simply not possible. There is bound to be quite a few assholes around and that is normal
statistics, don’t expect them to disappear but we can choose to ignore them. Do as you please as long as you
don’t offend anyone. As Ah Chai always say….”as long as you are happy…..”

On On
Scribe by William Koh on behalf of Ken Tan