2FEB 2018 IJOK HASH RUN by HARE : William Sin

What a beautiful date 2.2, and I heard Ah Hoi will be the set run > master mind and I expected he
MIGHT be adding extra adventurous on this no.1720 hash run. We know Hoi well , either very
long run surpass 10km or mix with challenging incline.

I combine this story to 2 part. The first 5km cover by BJ and follow by balance 6km story by Ah
keat. I started late but (I punctual arrive to the venue hash). The main reason I move late because
I saw Ah Boon was conscious waiting his guest, heard is 3 youth ladies. I decided to drag further
my warm up session and together wait for the arrival of guests.

Looking on my Suunto watch, we commence the run sharp at 6.10pm. Wow worth it for the long wait, people say “ SAVE the best for last “- is TRUE, I have the opportunity to meet this 3 charming young ladies (wuhuu!!)

At KM 1, I meet the first check point and it is “back check” when I spot on, then I return back to the
midway of steep hill before the water tank premises to deliver my helping HAND and brought
them up to the peak, it is about 100m,the highest point of this IJOK hash run.(The sweetest things
is I think I not going to wash my hand for few days, hehe) at KM 2, the ladies seem tired as first timer, Ah boon decided to use other alternative way back to
start venue and I continue solo hashing. For the km3-5, I make a lot of mistakes, overlook the
hash paper, I notice Ah Hoi set run has a lot of sudden tricky junction.

At KM5, I entering the wide zone with a straight line of few high tension tower, after turn right into
palm oil plantation then surprisingly the paper brought me back to the high tension tower again. I
notice the sky turn dark soon (and I did’t bring headlamp) ,so I decided follow the hash paper and
in the same time open my Suunto watch (track back) features to starting point.
At KM 5-11km, Ah Keat told me there is total 4 check point on this Ijok run. He told me “Monkey”
was the first front runner to reach 3rd check point which not taking long period to break it by Ah

At Km 8~9km, when reach to the 4th check point, he told me saw a PASAR MALAM scene here,
filled with crowded mix of front and intermediate runners gathering to figure out where is the right
exit TO break the 4th check point. Ah Keat inform they took almost 20min to break the back check,
you know how they BREAK IT ? the answer is GM making a call to Ah Hoi ask for the CLUEs ,
wow is like a [famous : One in a Million show]

At 7:55pm, Viagra are the first person to reach the finishing line, which clocked about 11km

Well done to all hash runners , hare and co-hare, nevertheless it is a GOOD run.

*We ended the circle session early due to rainfall and thank you to William Sin for the dinner treat,
it is fantastic meal, truly appreciated.

END, script by BJ and KEAT